Born March 1943 in Christchurch to Harry and Thelma Easton. Eldest of three. Keith (1944-2015), Jean (1950-)

Married Jenny in 1966. We went our separate ways from 1996. Anita (1971-); Tama (1974-)


1947: Selwyn St Kindergarten

1948-1953: Somerfield Primary School

1954-5: Christchurch South Intermediate

1956-1960: Christchurch Boy’s High School

1961-63: University of Canterbury

            BSc(hons) in mathematics

            D.Sc (2003)

1964-66: Victoria University of Wellington

            BA in economics.


1963-66: NZIER (research assistant)

1966-70: University of Sussex (lecturer in economics and social statistics)

1970-81: University of Canterbury (lecturer in economics)

1981-86 NZIER (director)

1986 -: Consultant and scholar

            1977-2014: Listener Economics Columnist

            2014-: Pundit Economics Columnist

Web Items with a substantial biographical dimension

An account of my economics career


            Part I: On the Seashore: (1943-1970)

            Part II: Launched (1970-1986)

            Part III: Paddling (1986- )

Paradigms Of New Zealand Economic Growth: a Memoir

Part I

Part II

Being a Public Intellectual

Interview by David GrantBiography of A Public Historian: Brian Easton

Working with the Maori: Consultancy, Research, Friendship

Here is a description of a dispute I was involved in which says something about my scholarly style.

What Happened in July 1984: and the Aftermath

On the website are many short items which sketch out small parts of my life (and pay tribute to people I have worked with). I think of myself as a bit of a Forest Gump; we all are.

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