Brian’s Honorary Positions and Distinctions

Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society (1967-)

Honorary Research Fellow, Research Project on Planning, Victoria University of Wellington: 1986-2000

Downing Professorial Fellow in Social Economics at the Department of Economics at the University of Melbourne: 1987

Social Science Research Fund Committee Hodge Fellow at Massey University: 1989-

Associate, Institute of Executive Development, Massey University: 1993-2000

Honorary Fellow, Department of Public, Health, Wellington School of Medicine, University of Otago: 1993-

Senior Research Fellow in Social Policy and Applied Economics, Social Policy Centre Massey University: 1994-2000

Chartered Statistician: 1994-

Visiting Fellow in the Department of Politics, University of Auckland: 1995-2002

Professorial Research Fellow, Central Institute of Technology:  1996-2001

Associate, Stout Research Centre, Victoria University of Wellington: 1997-

Marsden Fellow: 2003-6

Adjunct Professor, Institute of Public Policy, Auckland University of Technology: 2003-

Fulbright Distinguished Visiting Fellow: 2004-

Distinguished Fellow of the New Zealand Economics Association: 2006-

Honorary Research Fellow, Centre for Social and Health Outcomes, Research and Evaluation, Massey University: 2007-     

John David Stout Fellowship: 2008

NZIER-NBR Economist of the Year: 2009

Honorary Research Fellow, National Institute of Demographic and Economic Analysis, University of Waikato: 2011-

Research Associate, Retirement Policy and Research Centre, University of Auckland: 2013-