Distributional Economics: Index

Research (Indexes)

The Economic and Health Status of Households Project (Index)
Household Equivalence Scales (Index)

Research (Articles)

Beware the Median (May 2002)
Income Distribution and Equity (August 1999)
What Has Happened in New Zealand to Income Distribution and Poverty Levels (July 1999)
Globalization and A Welfare StateChapter 3: The Progress of Poverty & Chapter 7: Thinking Systematically About Poverty (December 1997)
Income Distribution: Part I and Income Distribution: Part II (January 1996)
Poverty in New Zealand – 1981 to 1993 (November 1995)
The Fallacy of the Equity vs Efficiency Tradeoff. (June 1995)
Properly Assessing Income Adequacy in New Zealand (January 1995)
There are a number of earlier research papers, notably Income Distribution in New Zealand 1983 (Book not on website).

Other Relevant Pages concerned with the policy implications

Family Policy (Index)
Globalization and A Welfare State (Index)
The Commercialisation of New Zealand Chapter 3 ‘The Abandoning of Equity’ (July 1997)

Listener Columns (Miscellaneous)

Closing the Gaps: Policy Or Slogan? (November 2000)
In the Midst of Plenty (December 1985)