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I am an independent scholar especially interested in New Zealand. My writings and research are especially concerned with its economics, history, politics, sociology and culture.

This website is to make more available some of my writings and the research which underpins them. Because there is an enormous backlog, only some of the material is available.

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The latest posts are:

Notes on the NZ Material Hardship Measures (June 2024)

The Principles of the Treaty; An Exploration (May 2024)

Delivering Equity for Older People in New Zealand (May 2024)

So Much to Do: Dr Sutch on Poverty and Progress (April 2024)

Inflation: Creeping Toward Fiscal Management (March 2024)

Winston Peters 17/03/24 (March 2024)

Housing Tenure And Poverty: A Note (March 2024)

Our Understandings of Te Tiriti Has Evolved Organically (February 2024)

Centralisation and the New Zealand Health System (January 2024)

The Stability of Ethnic Identity and Reporting (December 2023)

The Reserve Bank Dual Mandate (December 2023)

The Future Structure of the New Zealand Economy (August 2023)

How New Zealander’s Health Compares to the OECD’s (July 2023)

How Effective is Monetary Policy for Fighting Inflation? A Memoir (July 2023)

Notes on Tāone Hapū – Māori Gangs (July 2023)

What the hell happened at Waitangi? (May 2023)

Notes on Targeting (April 2023)

Learnings from The New Zealand Economic History of Shocks (February 2023)

Thinking About Housing Policy (February 2023)

Presentation for New Zealand Productivity Commission Launch of Inquiry on Economic Resilience (November 2022)

The Travails of Big Jim (October 2022)

What does the Budget mean for the health sector in the long term? (May 2022)

Ian Pool: Father of New Zealand Demography (May 2022)

McCarthy, Woodhouse and The Proposed Redundancy Social Insurance Scheme (April 2022)

Reviews of Autobiographies by Politicians (April 2022)

Cancer of the Larynx: One Patient’s Journey (March 2022)

Jas McKenzie: Empirical Macroeconomist (December 2021)

Review of Michael Cullen’s Autobiography (November 2021)

Fridays with Jim (September 2021)

IN OPEN SEAS: PART I: On the Seashore: (1943-1970) (August 2021)

  IN OPEN SEAS: Part II: Launched (1970-1986)

  IN OPEN SEAS: PART III: Paddling (1986- )

In Praise of the Viennese School of Economics (June 2021)

Articles on Behavioural Economics by Brian Easton (May 2021)

Where Is the Health System Going? (May 2021)

Where Has the Health System Come From? (May 2021)

Book review: Brian Easton on Mary Holm (April 2021)

Introduction to Stout Research Centre Seminar (April 2021)

A Proposal for an Earnings-Related Redundancy Insurance Protection (April 2021)

Notes on ‘Rentier Capitalism’ (April 2021)

Designing a The Primary Macropolicy Wellbeing Indicator (March 2021)

A Brief History of the Māori Economy: How Things Change (February 2021)

Review of Economists at War: by Alan Bollard (January 2021)

Sailing in a New Direction (November 2020)

Writing Not in Narrow Seas (September 2020)

Good and Faithful Servant: Jas McKenzie 1939-2020 (August 2020)

Hinges of History: After Covid-19? (June 2020)

Book Puts Farming in the Centre of New Zealand History (June 2020)

Pundit Columns on Covid Crisis (May 2020)

Entering a Post-Literacy World (May 2020)

Debunking the Egalitarian Myth. (May 2020)

‘Introduction’ to Not in Narrow Seas.  (April 2020)

Muddled Thinking About RNZ (February 2020)

Not in Narrow Seas: The Economic History of Aotearoa New Zealand (January 2020)

On Bill Rosenberg (December 2019)

Norm Thomson: 1934-1994 (November 2019)

Engaging with Alan Duff (September 2019)

Notes on Social Costs (August 2019)

Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill (July 2019)

What Happened to Egalitarian New Zealand? (June 2019)

What is Meant by Wellbeing? (May 2019)

Up in the Clouds (May 2019)

Ian Francis Shirley (April 2019)

The Macroeconomic Implications of the Public Finance Act (April 2019)

Eyewitness on the 1966 Wool Shock (March 2019)

New Zealand’s 9/11: Unity in Diversity (March 2019)

New Zealand’s Methane Cloud (March 2019)

Census Mess Can Be Resolved with a New One in 2021 (March 2019)

Being a Health Economist (February 2019)

Brexit: A View from Down Under (January 2019)

Poverty and the Statistician (December 2018)