New Zealand’s Economic Performance (index)

The base references is the book In Stormy Seas. (1997) An extract is Capital and Technological Change: Some International Comparisons.

In early 2004 I updated much of In Stormy Seas in a long paper The Development of the New Zealand Economy. There is also a short version of the paper.

A summary of the policies which flow on from the paper is Tractatus Developmentalis Economica. (October 2002)

The following papers update of the growth performance material in In Stormy Seas.
New Zealand’s Post-war GDP. Chapter of Transforming New Zealand, with Appendices. (June 2003)
New Zealand’s Post-war Economic Growth Performance; Comparison with the OECD. (August 2002)
Productivity and Employment: New Zealand’s Post-war Economic Growth Performance (Version II). (May 2003) Version I. (August 2002)
Comparison with Australia
Measuring New Zealand’s Economic Activity. (July 1999)
The Deindustrialization of New Zealand. (November 1998)

The following Listener columns discuss various aspects of the growth performance.
Busting Booms: Unrealistic Growth Targets Could Sink Us Again (March 2003)
Rank and Relativity: Where are we – and where were we – among the OECD economies? (September 2002)
They’re Thinking Big Again: What is Wrong with Foreign Investment (March 2002)
Of Roast Pork: Treasury Debates the Economy (March 2002)
Twenty to Ten: The Emptiness of the Latest Economic Slogan (July 2001)
Productivity Puzzles (September 1998)
Swing Low: A Short Economic History of New Zealand (August 1998)
The End of the Golden Wether(December 1996)
Productivity Puzzle (July 1996)
Slow Growing (December 1994)
Comparison with Australia (April 1994)
Comparison with OECD (March 1994)
Some Hope (January 1981)
1966 and All That (May 1979)