Alcohol and Related Studies (Index)

Keywords: Health; Regulation & Taxation;

The Social Costs of Alcohol Misuse

Cost and Benefits and Alcohol Policy Note to Symposium on Cost-Benefit Analysis of Alcohol Policy, Barcelona

Alcohol – Socioeconomic Impacts (Including Externalities) (April 2010) Public Health Encyclopedia Chapter

Weighing Human Costs Critical (11 September 2009) Letter to Newpaper Back in Regret (Listener 5 May 2007)

Economic Impacts of Alcohol-related Problems (14 December 2006) Paper to Conference on Alcohol: Evidence Based Impacts and Interventions, Bangkok.

‘Irrationality’ and Measuring the Social Costs of Substance Abuse  (14 April 2006) Research Note


Further Developments in Estimating the Social Costs of Substance Abuse  (7August 2005) Report of Workshop on Avoidable Costs of Substance Abuse, Ottawa

Developing International Guidelines for Estimating Avoidable Costs  (23 June 2005) Commentary on Draft Report. Ottawa

Report on The Social Cost of Alcohol Abuse Workshop (25 October 2003) Neuchatel

A Layperson’s Guide to the Economic Cost Estimation (21 October 2001)

International Guidelines for Estimating the Costs of Substance Abuse: (2 Ed) (1 August 2001) WHO Report

Estimating the Economic Costs of Alcohol Misuse (15 May 2001) with ERIC SINGLE Paper to Kettle Bruun Society

Economy of Substance: What We Can and Can’t Measure. (Listener 28 April 2001)

Up in Smoke, Down the Drain: How Tobacco Use and Alcohol Abuse Cost Us $39b (Listener 21 June 1997)

The Social Costs of Tobacco Use and Alcohol Misuse (1 April 1997) Report

The Lost Fortnight (Listener 11 March 1978)

The Regulation of Alcohol

Taxing Harmful Drinking (19 August 2010) Presentation to launch of ‘Alcohol: No Ordinary Commodity Wellington

Targeting the Minimum Price of Alcohol (30 October 2009) Report to the Law Commission

Drinking and Self Assessed Welfare: A Statistical Analysis (3 September 2009) with RYAN YOU. Presentation to NZ Statistical Association, Wellington

Reviewing the Sale of Liquor Act: Tax and Pricing Consequences (30 June 2009) Report to the Law Commission

Executive Summary of Reviewing the Sale of Liquor Act: Tax and Pricing Consequences  (30 June 2009) Report to the Law Commission Drinking (Listener 23 February 2008)

Policy Convergence: Health Care (September 2007) Chapter in Book

Globalisation and the Public Health (10 May 2005) Presentation to annual Conference of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, Wellington.

Taxing Alcoholic Beverages in New Zealand (22 February 2005) Presentation to Conference Thinking Drinking: Achieving Cultural Change by 2020, Melbourne.

Flavoured Alcoholic Beverages and Reducing Teenage Drinking Harm (17 August 2004) Presentation to Youth Parliament, Wellington

The Economic Regulation of Alcohol Consumption in New Zealand (24 October 2003) Presentation to conference of the Social Cost of Alcohol Abuse, Neuchatel

The Cost of Getting Drunk (22 May 2003) Letter to Newspaper

High Spirits: Can we spend and tax our way to healthier drinking? (Listener 28 December 2002)

Taxing Harm: Modernising Alcohol Excise Duties (17 December 2002) Report to ALAC

Gambling in New Zealand: An Economic Overview (1 February 2002) Chapter for Book

Taxing Alcohol (20 February 1994) Presentation to Conference on Perspectives for Change, Rotorua

Economic Instruments for the Regulation of Licit Drugs (25 November 1991) Presentation to Conference on Perspectives for Change, Wellington

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