Globalisation (index)

Some Key Papers
The Economics of Globalisation: An Introduction (June 2005)

Some Things We Know About Economic Globalisation (February 2005)
The Globalisation of Nations: Distance Looks Our Way (Plan of A Book)

Summaries of my Main Research Development (Because there is some repetition, the first is the most recent)
Globalisation and the Public Health (May 2005)

Marsden Project Pvt 301: New Zealand in A Globalising World (March 2005 Report) (March 2005)
The Globalisation of Time (March 2005)
Leadership and Nationbuilding (February 2005)
Globalisation and Economic Sovereignty (October 2004)

Abstracts of Three Proposed Papers on Institutions and Globalisation
(September 2004)
Competitive Advantage (Transforming New Zealand)
Exporting and Growth (Transforming New Zealand)
From Feudal Society to Globalized Economic Power (Fulbright lecture: August 2004)
The Marsden ‘Globalisation and New Zealand’ Project (Hamilton Presentation) (July 2004)

The Marsden Globalisation Project (Revised, March 2004)
Towards An Analytic Framework for Globalisation (September 2002, Revised January 2004)
The Marsden Globalisation Project (December 2003)

A Research Proposal: Globalisation (May 2003)
Iraq, Oil and the US Dollar (April 2003)
Abstract of Globalisation Research Proposal for Marsden Fund Application, 2003. (February 2003)
Economic Globalisation and National Sovereignty (II) (January 2003)

Different Kinds of Countries and Cities: The Distances Between Them (December 2002)
Globalisation and the Labour Market (November 2002)
Tractatus Developmentalis Economica (October 2002)
New Zealand in A Globalised World (October 2002)

Towards An Analytic Framework for Studying Globalisation (June 2002)
Globalisation: The Consequences in the Reductions in the Cost of Distance (July 2001)
Economic Globalisation and National Sovereignty (August 1999)

Internationalisation and Stagnation: Ch 9 of Globalization and a Welfare State (December 1997)
Globalization and a Welfare State (December 1997)
Globalisation and Local Cultures: An Economist’s Perspective (June 1997)
The External Impact on the Family Firm (March 1996)

New Zealand Centre for Globalisation Stuides
Notes towards the New Zealand Centre for Globalisation Studies (December 2003)
The New Zealand Centre for Globalisation Studies (September 2003)

Book Reviews
Globalization in Historical Perspective (December 2004)
In Defence of Globalization (December 2004)
Globalisation and Its Discontents (August 2003)

At the Crossroads: Three Essays by Jane Kelsey (June 2002)
Reviews of Two Books on Labour Skills and Social Progress(April 2002)
Mind Your I’s and Q’s (February 2002)
APEC in Focus by S. McMillan, B. Ramasamy & F. Holmes (October 1999)

Regional Impact
Globalisation and Little Old Nelson (April 2005)
Canterbury and Globalisation (March 2002)
Low Politics: Local Government and Globalisation (October 2001)

Auckland in A Globalised World (September 2001)

Listener Articles
Doha Dealing: Trade Talks, Not Tax Cuts, Will Decide Our Economic Future (July 2005)
Fa’a Samoa: is the Future of Samoa in New Zealand? (October 2004)
Choose A Scenario: How Are We Going to Respond to the Doha Round Gains? (September 2004)

Sugarcoating (August 2004)
Offshore Debate: Who is Better Off; Who Worse Off? (June 2004)
The Common Agricultural Touch: the American Parliament in Action(June 2004)
Your Friends and Neighbours (March 2004)
A Blooming Future: Are We up to a Good Flower Show? (January 2004)

Competitive Edges: What the New Wave of Trade Theory Can Teach New Zealand (November 2003)
We Are the World: The Time Has Come to Get Serious About Globalisation (October 2003)

Big Bad World: Is There any Future for an Independent New Zealand? (October 2003)
Disorder Afterwards (April 2003)

After Uncle Sam (March 2003)

Terrorism and the WTO: the Importance of the Rule of Law
(February 2002)
The G Word: the Benefit of International Economic Intercourse (February 2001)
Global Warnings (June 2000)

Free v Fair (April 2000)
Global Warning: What would have Bruce Jesson have said about APEC (September 1999)
Rethinking Economic Policy: The Washington Consensus Had Turned to Custard (July 1999)
The Soros Manifesto (January 1999)
Globalization and a Welfare State (November 1998)

The Globalisation of Rugby (April 1998)
All for One: Robert Reich’s Recipe Living in a Globalized World (July 1998)
Callovers, Chalkies & Chips (April 1997)

In Dire Straights (October 1996)