Transforming New Zealand

Draft chapters for a book. Readers are invited to comment on these drafts. Not all chapters are complete. A summary of the main economic themes is in Tractatus Developmentalis Economica.

Keywords: Globalisation & Trade; Growth & Innovation;

Prologue Not written

These draft chapters are on the web
1. The Point of it All.
2. New Zealand’s Post-war Economic Performance
3. Theories of Economic Growth.
4. The Sectoral Approach to Economic Growth
5. Exporting and Growth
6. Competitive Advantage
7. Infrastructure
8. Intervention and Innovation
9. Working with Technological Innovation

These chapters are in preliminary development and may change dramatically.
10. Is Small Beautiful?
10. It’s Not Easy Being Small
12. Taxation and Spending
13. Distributing the Gains
14. The Quality of Life

Appendices On website
A.1. The GDP Target.
A.2. The Maddison-OECD Data Base.