The Reserve Bank & Related Issues: Index

In Stormy Seas sets out the theory and context (November 1997)

Monetary Policy
* = particularly about the exchange rate. Also an index at Exchange Rate

* The Hole in the Reserve Bank (April 1991)
* What the Reserve Bank Believes (February 1994)
* Who Controls the Exchange Rate? (February 1994)
* The Meaning of Influence (May 1994)
* Parity and Bust: Dollar for Dollar is Not A Good Deal (August 1995)
Governing the Governor (September 1996)
* Ups and Downs: Is The Reserve Bank Managing to Control the Exchange Rate? (September 1997)
Self-Interest Rates (May 2000)
Changing Policy Horses: Should the Economic Reforms be Intensified, or are New Policies in Order (October 2000)
* Inflation and Reputation: Did the Reserve Bank slow the economy down? (June 2002)
* Currency Appreciation (April 2004)
* Dealing with the Monetary Policy Trilemma (Sept 2004)
* Tackling the Exchange Rate (December 2005)
* The High Exchange Rate: What is the Government Doing? What Can it Do Further? (December 2005)

Monetary Unions
In dire straits (October 1996)
When Things Go Bump: Is Monetary Union a Help or a Hindrance? (June 1999)
The Experiences of Monetary Union (September 2000)
Going to the Wall (November 1996)
Waltzing with Matilda (September 2001)
Dont Cry for Us Argentina (February 2002)
Keeping the Australian Dollar at Bay (May 2002)

Measuring Inflation
Measuring Inflation (November 1994)
Measuring Inflation (January 2002)
How Representative of Inflation Are Changes in the CPI? (February 2003)

Some International Financial Issues
When Capital Flees: the Case for Exchange Controls is Not Out of this World (October 1998)
History Repeats: When Will Financial Markets Ever Learn? (November 1998)
The Casino Economy: Using Other People’s Money to Become a Millionaire (December 1998)
A Visit to Poyais (Review) (July 2003)
Yankee Dollar Blues: How Will the US Correct its External Deficit? (March 2005)
Avoiding Global Meltdown: How the IMF Lost Battles But Won the War (October 2005)

The Role of Money
The Pound: A Biography (Review) (February 2000)
Two Great Economists: Raymond Firth (1901-2002) & James Tobin (1918-2002) (January 2003)
For Fear of Allah (Sept 2004)