Economists & Philosophers: Index

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Bernard Ashwin
The Experiences of Monetary Union (March 1996)
Treasury Man: Bernard Carl Ashwin, Secretary to the Nation Building State (October 1996)
Bernard Ashwin: Secretary to the Nationbuilding State (November 1997)
Dictionary of New Zealand Biography (October 1998)
The Nationbuilders Chapter 2 (November 2001)
The Treasury and the Nationbuilding State (December 2001)
Treasury Review (November 2003)

Raymond Firth
Riches without Wealth (November 1979)
Two Great Economists: Raymond Firth (1901-2002) & James Tobin (1918-2002) (January 2003)

Milton Friedman
Free to Choose by Milton and Rose Friedman Review (May 1981)

Bruce Jesson
Bruce Jesson: 1944-1999
in The Nationbuilders (November 2001)
His Purpose is Clear: Reflecting a Life of Thought and Experience (February 1999)
Global Warning: What would have Bruce Jesson have said about APEC (September 1999)
Nationbuilding and the Textured Society (Bruce Jesson Memorial Lecture, October 2001)

John Maynard Keynes (and Keynesianism)
All the Keynes Men (May 1991)
The Wit and Wisdom of Keynes (August 2001)

Karl Marx
Marks of Change (May 1990)
A Pantheon of Seven …. (March 2000)

Claudio Michelini

John Stuart Mill
Of Pigs and People (January 1993)
Government Spending and Growth Rates (January 2002)
Why Economists Dont Understand Education (August 2002)

Rob Muldoon
Muldoon’s Mark (September 2000)
His Way (December 2000)
(Holyoake’s) Two Economic Lieutenants (April 2001)
The Nationbuilders Chapter 15 (November 2001)

Henry Lang
Regarding Henry (May 1987)
The Nationbuilders Chapter 16 (November 2001)

Bryan Philpott
Curiouser and Curiouser (January 1994)
The Model Economist (August 2000)
The Nationbuilders Chapter 13 (November 2001)

Robert Reich
All for One: Robert Reich’s Recipe Living in a Globalized World (July 1998)

Wolfgang Rosenberg
Review of New Zealand Can Be Different and Better (December 1993)
A Wolf in Lion’s Clothing (January 1994)

Joseph Schumpeter
The Year of the Paper Tiger: Asia is in Economic As Well As Financial Crisis (February 1998)

Amartya Sen
In the Midst of Plenty (December 1985)
Some Auld Acquaintances (December 1998)
Development as Freedom (November 1999)
Being and Doing (January 2001)
Why Economists Dont Understand Education (August 2002)

Joseph Stiglitz
In Stormy Seas: Can We Cope When a Wave Broadsides Our Economy? (July 1998)
The Whimpering of the State: Policy After MMP (July 1999), pp. v, 98-99, 102.
Rethinking Economic Policy: The Washington Consensus Turns to Custard (July 1999).
Does the IMF Work? In Another Great Depression the Answer Be No (October 1990)
A Little More Than Kin: Petty Politics and External Threats (May 2001)
Nationbuilding and the Textured Society (November 2001)
Peaches, Lemons, and Elephants: the 2001 Nobel Economics Prize (December 2001)
The Washington Consensus, The: When Facts Get in the Way of Economic Orthodoxies (February 2003)
Globalisation and Its Discontents (Review) (August 2003)

Bill Sutch

James Tobin
Two Great Economists: Raymond Firth (1901-2002) & James Tobin (1918-2002) (January 2003)