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Celebrating Educational Achievement (November 2002)
Why Economists Dont Understand Education … but still try to run it (August 2002)
Education Factories (June 2002)
The Whimpering of the State: Policy after MMP Chapters 12,13 (1999)
The Commercialisation of New Zealand Chapters 12,13 (1997)

Economic Growth
Science and Nationbuilding (May 2002)

Education & Skills
Enhancing Income Generation Through Adult Education, A Comparative Study Review (April 2004)

Singel-sex vs Co-ed: Is One Better than the Other? (September 2004)
Working Smarter: Is Our workforce skilled enough to compete globally? (December 2002)

Reviews of Two Books on Labour Skills and Social Progress (April 2002)
Mind Your I’s and Q’s (February 2002)
Literacy and Development (June 1999)

Management & Professionalism
href=modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=33>Does Professionalism Matter? NZIPA paper (June 2002)
Does Professionalism Matter? ‘Listener’ column (April 2002)
Two Styles of Management (1999)

Student Loans
Student Loans and Student Fees (September 2003)
The Sustainability of Student Loans (August 2002)
The Debt Burden of Students (July 1999)
Capital Cattle (March 1997)

University Financial Statements, Operating Surpluses, and Student Fees (July 2003)
Performance Anxiety: Why Incentive Systems Often Fail (July 2003)
Beyond the Utilitarian University (November 1999)
The Whimpering of the State: Policy after MMP Chapter 13 (1999)
The Commercialisation of New Zealand Chapter 13 (1997)