Some Published Articles on Behavioural Economics by Brian Easton

In the Abstract: Will Most Of Us Have an Impoverished Retirement? (June 6, 1998)

Richard Thaler’s Savings Principles (7 January 1999)

Two Styles Of Management (1 July 1999)

            This reviews

            Thaler, R.H. (1992) The Winner’s Curse: Paradoxes and Anomolies of Economic Life, Princeton University Press;

            Thaler, R.H. (1994) Quasi Rational Economics, Russell Sage Group, New York.

The Politics Of Retirement Incomes (1 July 1999)

The Ultimate Greeting: when Homo Economus Meets Homo Sapiens. (23 December, 2000.)

Lock into Savings ( 23 October 2004)

Are Our Decisions Based on the Influence Of Irrelevant Factors? (12 May, 2012.)

Thinking Fast, Thinking Slow, Thinking Moral (19 May, 2013)

Are We Saving The Right Way For Retirement? (8 October, 2015)

What Are You Thinking, Stupid? (19 December, 2016)

Understanding Truthiness (2 January, 2017)

Past Rationality: The 2017 Nobel Award For Economics (24 October, 2017)

Commonsense Economics From Two Very Good Economists (7 August, 2020)

Are We Nudging Enough? (30 July, 2021)