William Ball Sutch (1907-1975)

Keywords: History of Ideas, Methodology & Philosophy; Political Economy & History;

Biographical Essays
(October 2000) Entry in The New Zealand Dictionary of Biography
(November 2001) Entry in Chapter 7 – early life to 1950 and Chapter 10 – later life from 1951 of The Nationbuilders
(September 1998) Trying to Understand Dr Sutch
(December 2001) Sutch and UNICEF
The analysis which Sutch developed appears in over 40 other entries, to various degrees. Use ‘Sutch’ in the search facility to find them.
My primary in interest has been Sutch’s ideas, many of which resonate today (and others which have been adopted). However as someone who has had to write biographical essays on him I had to look at the security issue. See
(September 2000) Sutch and Security
(July 2002) Marshall and Sutch

Nothing which has since become available would change these assessments.

(June 2008)  Dr Sutch’s Security files